Referrals/Attendance: To be considered in “Good Standing” each member must attend meetings per guidelines and pass a minimum of 24 hot leads to the group.
Professionalism: Each member shall observe normal workplace behavior, and act as a professional. Please remember to be positive and keep negativity to a minimum.
Business Cards: Each member shall keep an ample supply of cards in the Membership book.


Each Member of Maple Grove Networkers is a busy individual and time is one of the most valuable assets each one has. Therefore, it is imperative that each member is dedicated to the group and weekly attendance to the group. Without this, the group is unlikely to grow and flourish, and it also makes learning the intricacies of each other’s businesses much more difficult.

That said, each member will have occasion to miss a meeting due to professional or personal obligations or illness. Keeping that in mind, a member may miss no more than 2 consecutive meetings, and no more than 4 meetings in any two calendar months, no more than 12 meeting per year. Anything in excess of this limitation would cause dismissal from the group. We can avoid this by being diligent in sending substitutes to meetings every so often.

Please note, nothing is written in stone, prolonged illness and other life events will be reviewed on a case by case basis by the membership committee.


Location: TopLine Credit Union – Maple grove


  • Open Networking

  • Housekeeping items

  • 30-60 Second Commercial

  • 10-15 Minute Member Highlight Presentation

  • Referrals/testimonials

  • Closing