Maple Grove Networkers is a warm and friendly, free networking group with the goal of building each other’s businesses.  We have a sincere desire to see success among our group.  We are building businesses and friendships.  Sound like something that makes sense for your business?  Come check us out.


Working together to further each other’s professional and personal goals through strong relationship based networking.


Implement the “giver’s gain philosophy” in our day to day lives for the betterment of MGN members.  Each member will be committed to attend each meeting, to lead with referrals for other members, and most importantly operate their business with integrity.


Networking is a deliberate behavior; it takes time, energy and focus on a daily basis.

Creating strong relationships with other like minding business owners leads to intimate knowledge of our referral partner’s goals and dreams, so we can better help them fulfill those goals as they do the same for us.

Word of Mouth networking is the most effective yet least expensive form of marketing, when done deliberately.


Grow Maple Grove Networkers to 16 members by 06-1-2018.

More one on one’s and continue to pass more referrals.

To develop and further foster our businesses and the relationships that allows us to succeed.